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AquaVic™ Services

AquaVic™ meets the needs of clients by providing a range of specialized consulting services. We use advanced techniques and tools to provide rapid, accurate and economic results. Our services can be tailored to the needs of small water utilities with limited funds, as well as larger organizations managing a range of complex challenges.

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Introduction to AquaVic Services

The owners and directors of water supply organizations have many responsibilities, and a range of complex issues to manage. A priority is the provision of safe and reliable water supplies, and leadership that supports sustainable operation for the foreseeable future. To these ends, many water supply organizations look for opportunities to build their managerial, financial and technical capacity. This can be done, both affordably and effectively, by working with an experienced team of advisors.


AquaVic Water Solutions Inc. provides an integrated package of services to water supply organizations. We work through teams of specialists who together have the experience to advise on a wide range of water-related topics. Using our team approach, we help ensure that the managerial, financial and technical operations of water supply organizations are effectively integrated. We help water utilities to develop skilled management, install cost effective technology, and access financial resources. We supply integrated technical expertise to support the provision of safe, reliable and sustainable water supplies.

Integrated Packages

Clients can choose from several service packages offered by AquaVic. Each package is devoted to a vital aspect of water system operation, and is flexible enough to adjust to the needs of individual systems. Each package is designed for effective integration with other packages: the results from one contribute to work in another.

For example one of the AquaVic service packages provides the tools you need to make an inventory of your system, and to create equipment replacement schedules and cost estimates. The results of this work in turn contributes to the financial analysis that enables you to predict your revenues and expenditures for the next five years, and to adjust your rates and taxes accordingly. The financial analysis in turn provides information that can contribute to a customer communications program.

In providing services to water supply organizations we work closely with staff and directors. In the preparation of business plans, for example, we facilitate a strategic planning session at which directors and managers can identify the goals and policies they wish the organization to pursue.

Cost Savings

Our approach saves money. The old way of managing water supply organizations is to engage the services of several specialists, who typically do not have the experience of working together as team. The engineer may not communicate with the accountant, who may not communicate with the business planner.

We have found that effective management requires regular communication between disciplines, and the development of a team approach. For example a water supply organization may want to adjust rates and taxes; to do this it must communicate effectively with customers. This requires an understanding on the part of the communications specialist of the context for changes in rates and taxes. In turn the people who establish the rates and taxes must have an understanding of need for systematic infrastructure renewal. The cost estimates for infrastructure renewal in turn are dependent on the results of demand projections and engineering analysis.

An uncoordinated group of specialists, each focused on their narrow area of interest, may work inefficiently, fail to see the big picture, and spend more time and money than is necessary. Contrast this with the work of an integrated team of individuals who apply a systematic approach, refined over successive applications to a wide range of water supply organizations.

Further Information

We offer professional services in the form of several specialized packages. These packages can be mixed and matched, and adapted to your specific requirements. We are happy to discuss your individual requirements and to tailor our services to meet your needs. In some cases we can help clients access the funding required to obtain the services outlined. Read more about our services...