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AquaVic™ Services

AquaVic™ meets the needs of clients by providing a range of specialized consulting services. We use advanced techniques and tools to provide rapid, accurate and economic results. Our services can be tailored to the needs of small water utilities with limited funds, as well as larger organizations managing a range of complex challenges.

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Description of AquaVic Specialized Services

Strategic Planning

Strategic plans are essential for the long-term management of an organization in an effective and sustainable manner. They cover financial, managerial and operational issues. In assisting with strategic planning, we work extensively with the managers and directors of water supply organizations.

Governance and Management

The quality of governance and management has a profound effect on the operation of water supply organizations. We review existing structures, roles, policies and procedures and provide recommendations concerning management and governance that are based on industry best practices. We develop policies and procedure manuals to help ensure sound management practices are employed and the roles of staff and directors are clearly defined.

Business Planning

An effective business plan makes a major contribution to the continuing supply of safe and reliable water. An effective business plan can enhance the ability to access funding, and provides “milestones” against which progress can be measured. It includes critical financial projections, and shows how revenues will exceed expenditures in the foreseeable future.

Rate Setting

Setting the rates and taxes to be charged for the supply of water is one of the most important activities undertaken by water suppliers. The process can be complex and contentious. We review your current financial operation, including an analysis of revenue requirements and existing expenditures. We provide recommendations for updating rates to reflect the true cost of delivering water.

Customer Communications

Strategies for communicating with customers are an essential element of water supply operation. Effective public involvement will help improve customer awareness of the cost of delivering water and encourage efficient water use. We help manage the detailed implementation of customer communication activities such as production of printed materials and construction of websites.

Monitoring, Sampling and Reporting

We help water supply organizations to meet regulatory requirements for sampling and reporting in a cost-effective manner. The use of new technology and innovative services may create opportunities for savings in operating costs, may increase the accuracy of record keeping, and give rapid notification of water quality problems. Computer based monitoring and control can enhance the operation of water supply systems. It facilitates the archiving, display and analysis of data and provides immediate alarming when limits are exceeded.

Operational Review

We review the operation of water supply organizations, and provide recommendations for application of new tools and resources. There are many opportunities for innovation in the management of water supply organizations. Several new management resources, including software tools, can help in the delivery of safe drinking water in a sustainable way.

Metering and Billing

Many water suppliers now have universal metering in place, or are moving in that direction. We provide an analysis of the costs and benefits of implementing a metering program. This may be done in conjunction with an analysis of water charges and current use patterns. We develop strategies and cost estimates for installing meters, and look for opportunities to make savings in the meter reading and billing process.

System Inventory

An inventory of the water system infrastructure is essential to manage system upgrading and replacement. We assess the condition of infrastructure and prepare replacement costs and schedules. In turn this information is used in the projection of capital and operating costs, and the determination of future revenue requirements.

Water Conservation

Many parts BC have experienced drought conditions in recent years. In many areas of the province, continuing growth is placing additional demands on available water supplies. These factors increase the need for effective conservation practices. We assist water suppliers to promote efficient water use practices, indoor and outdoors, on the part of their customers. We also examine the opportunities for new conservation bylaws, and the reuse of water resources.

Watershed Stewardship

Protection of community watersheds is an essential element in the multi-barrier approach to safeguard drinking water. Sound watershed stewardship includes building public awareness of watershed management, and the encouragement of citizen participation to support good pollution prevention practices. It is important for communities to invest in ongoing watershed stewardship. AquaVic provides advice to watershed managers and other stakeholder organizations on these topics.

Water Use Assessment and Audit

Knowledge of present and projected water demands, and of the capacity of existing and potential sources, is essential in comprehensive planning. We conduct supply and demand analyses and develop recommendations for ensuring continuing adequacy of resources. This work may include a water audit program, which can lead to a detailed water usage profile. We also assist in the development of leak detection programs.

Emergency Response Planning

The BC Drinking Water Protection Regulations require water systems to have an emergency response plan (ERP). An emergency plan for a water supply organization, whether large or small, should include responses to both drought and to immediate water shortages due to a sudden emergency. Aquavic assists water suppliers to plan and prepare for water shortages resulting from long-term events such as drought, and from short-term emergency situations.