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Our Mission

AquaVic™ Water Solutions Inc.
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Planning for Sustainability

Benefits to Water Suppliers

Increase Your Revenues

Develop and implement a strategic plan for modifying water rates to reflect the true cost of delivering water. Communicate effectively with customers to increase awareness of these costs and of the new regulatory demands on water supply organizations.

Reduce Your Operational Costs

Water suppliers can gain access to economies of scale not previously available to small organizations. Use of innovative technology and services may enable you to improve your operations and more effectively manage costs.

Improve Your Risk Management

Through systematic review and analysis water systems can reduce the risks associated with delivering water. This in turn can may lead to more acceptable insurance coverage, and reduce the occurrence of problems.

Improve Your Access To Funding

A plan that demonstrates the ability to operate sustainably will facilitate access to funding. In turn this will support the enhancements required to continue delivery of safe and reliable drinking water.

Protect Your Water Source

Watershed stewardship is a vital element in the multi barrier approach to protection of drinking water. It provides an opportunity to involve the community in the long-term sustainability of supplies.

Communicate With Customers

Effective communication with customers is an essential element in the successful operation of water supply organizations. Customers who understand the work you do will be more receptive to change and more appreciative of your efforts.